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by Wisconsin Registered Agent LLC

Wisconsin Business Filing Tips

Business filing tips in Wisconsin

The name of our governing agency regulating business entities in Wisconsin is the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions, Division of Corporate and Consumer Affairs. Are you scared yet? You can only assume the absurdity of our bureaucracy with a name that long!!

If you’re forming a new Wisconsin LLC or WI corporation, we recommend making the filing through the WI State online portal.It gets done quicker. If you’re registering to do business in Wisconsin from out of state, you have to mail the filing in.

Foreign LLCs do not require any type of home state documents. We provide business filing tips and the form(s) you need in your client account. All you do is just send the form in your online account into the state for approval.

The WI DFI does not require original signatures or original home state paperwork for any registration.

If you’re registering an out of state corporation in Wisconsin…well…we’re sorry. The form the state makes you fill out is not an accurate example of what we try to be as Wisconsin residents. The absurdity of question number 12 might make you think twice about doing business here. We recommend going to a Caribou Coffee house and just accepting that it may take your afternoon to work through it. If you don’t want to disclose all that personal information, we or you can always just form a domestic Wisconsin LLC or corporation to avoid all of it. Your annual reports will then be cheaper as well.