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Start a Wisconsin LLC

Forming an LLC in Wisconsin

Interested in starting an LLC in Wisconsin? To form your business, you’ll need to register with Wisconsin’s Department of Financial Institutions (WDFI). Registration requires submitting Wisconsin LLC Articles of Organization.

After registration, different businesses may have different needs. Some Wisconsin LLCs will need a business bank account while others will need state licenses. The typical steps to forming a Wisconsin LLC are listed below:

  1. Submit Wisconsin LLC Articles of Organization
  2. Create an operating agreement
  3. Obtain Wisconsin licenses
  4. Register with Wisconsin departments
  5. Get an EIN from the IRS
  6. Open a Wisconsin LLC business bank account

Or, let us form your Wisconsin LLC! At Wisconsin Registered Agent LLC, we offer a comprehensive business formation package that includes formation paperwork, custom documents like operating agreements and initial resolutions, a full year of registered agent service, and more for only $279.


  • Flexible Management: LLCs have management and organization options that corporations don’t have. Standard corporations are required to have directors and officers, but LLCs aren’t required to have any managers at all—members can manage themselves. Corporations also have meeting requirements (like annual meetings and meeting minutes) that LLCs can take or leave.

  • Fewer Taxes: Business taxes can add up quickly, but LLCs typically have at least one fewer tax than corporations—the corporate net income tax (also called a franchise tax in Wisconsin). Most LLCs are taxed as either partnerships or S-corporations, both of which have pass-through taxation status. While income is still taxed on members’ personal returns, LLCs don’t have to pay the corporate/franchise tax.


Wisconsin LLC Articles of Organization

Wisconsin LLC Articles of Organization are submitted in order to form and register your business in Wisconsin. In the Articles, you’ll provide basic information about your Wisconsin LLC, including name, registered agent and management style.


The name of your Wisconsin LLC must include one of the following words or abbreviations: Limited Liability Company, Limited Liability Co., L.L.C., or LLC. To see if your name is available, you can perform a Corporate Records Search.

Registered Agent and Office

Your Wisconsin registered agent accepts service of process and legal notifications on behalf of your Wisconsin LLC. The registered office is the physical location in Wisconsin where your registered agent is regularly available. The registered office must be a street address (not a PO Box).

Wisconsin Statute §183.0105 requires LLCs to have and maintain a registered agent and office. This ensures due process—for example, if your business is served a court summons, the state will be able to reliably deliver it to a designated person in a designated place.

At Wisconsin Registered Agent LLC, we provide expert registered agent service that gives you:

  • Availability
    Being reliably available in a designated place isn’t easy when you’re busy running your business. We can ensure you never miss a critical notification.
  • Speed
    We scan documents daily so you get important documents fast.
  • Privacy
    Filings like your Wisconsin LLC Articles of Organization are public. When you use our address on public documents, you keep yours private—and avoid the spam and hassle of a publicly-listed address.

Our registered agent service is just $49 a year—with renewals always at the same low rate.


You can select whether your Wisconsin LLC will be managed by the members themselves or if decision-making powers will be given to managers. Managers do not have to be members of the LLC.


Organizers sign and submit your Wisconsin LLC Articles of Organization. Organizers don’t have to be members of the LLC, but they do need to include their names and addresses in the Articles.


The drafter is the person who fills out or completes your Wisconsin LLC Articles of Organization. Wisconsin Statute §182.01(3) requires that Articles of Organization executed in Wisconsin include the name of the drafter. The drafter and organizer are very often the same person.


Submit Wisconsin LLC Articles of Organization

Your Wisconsin LLC Articles of Organization can be submitted online or by mail. The online filing fee is substantially cheaper—$40 less.

Next-day processing is available with expedited service. However, the typical processing time for Wisconsin LLC Articles of Organization is already pretty fast. The WDFI lists a processing time of “within 5 working days,” but online submissions are frequently processed the same day.


  • Filing fee: $130 (+$25 expedited)
  • Payment methods: eCheck or credit card

Online filing is available through the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions portal. It is also possible to register using Wisconsin’s One Stop Business Portal.

By Mail

  • Filing fee: $170 (+$25 expedited)
  • Payment methods: check or money order

You can download the paper Wisconsin LLC Articles of Organization form from the WDFI. Responses must be typed or written in black ink.


Our Formation Package

At Wisconsin Registered Agent LLC, we form Wisconsin businesses daily. We’ve developed a formation package that gives you everything you need at a great low price!

Our Services

  • A Year of Registered Agent Service
    Our expert registered agent service ensures you get your documents fast.
  • Instant Access to Your Secure Client Portal
    In addition to your scanned documents, you’ll find free access to helpful resources, such as state forms pre-filled with your information.
  • Address Privacy
    Avoid the junk mail and hassle of a publicly-listed address with our address on your public formation documents—not yours.
  • Custom Documents
    We provide your LLC with an operating agreement, initial resolutions, member certificates and more!

  • Annual Report Reminders
    Our compliance tools help ensure you never miss a filing requirement.
  • Expert Customer Service
    No automated operators—just expert support from our friendly staff!

Our Fees



1 Year of Registered Agent Service


Our Business Formation Service Fee


Wisconsin State Filing Fees





After Forming Your Wisconsin LLC

Not sure what comes next? After you submit your Wisconsin LLC Articles of Organization, there are still a few steps most business need to take, such as writing an operating agreement and applying for an EIN.


  • Is my Wisconsin LLC required to have an operating agreement?
    There isn’t a legal requirement for your Wisconsin LLC to have a written operating agreement, and you don’t have to submit your operating agreement to the state.
  • What is an operating agreement?
    Operating agreements are internal documents that explain the policies and procedures of your business. Operating agreements can include everything from voting rights to the allocation of profits and losses. Having a written operating agreement can help members know what to do and what to expect—preventing potential disputes.

    Our formation services package includes a free, custom operating agreement for your Wisconsin LLC.


  • What is an EIN?
    “EIN” stands for Employer Identification Number. An EIN is a federal tax ID issued by the IRS. This number is used to identify your business on tax filings.

  • Does my Wisconsin LLC need an EIN?
    It’s highly likely that your Wisconsin LLC will need an EIN. Many Wisconsin state tax documents (like the Statement of Personal Property most businesses are required to file) request an EIN. EINs are also frequently requested when opening a business bank account. Federal guidelines also state that you’ll need an EIN if any of the following situations are true for your business:

You have employees.
You file Employment, Excise, or Alcohol/Tobacco/Firearms returns.
You withhold taxes on income (other than wages) paid to a non-resident alien.
You have a Keogh plan.
You are involved in a trust, estate, real estate mortgage investment conduit, non-profit organization, farmer co-op, or are a plan administrator.

  • How do I get an EIN?
    You can apply for an EIN from the IRS website. The IRS does not charge a filing fee. If you’d like to skip this application, however, you can add EIN service onto our formation package for the cost of our time: $50.


  • Which Wisconsin departments do I need to register with?
    All LLCs register with the WDFI when they submit Articles of Organization. After that, registrations depend on your business activities.

    For example, if your business will make any kind of taxable sales in Wisconsin, you’ll need to register with the Department of Revenue and apply for a seller’s permit. You’ll also need to register with the Department of Revenue for withholding, use or consumer’s use tax certificates, and alcohol, fuel, tobacco and specialty tax permits. Employers will also need to register with the Department of Workforce Development.

  • Is there a fee to register with the Department of Revenue?
    Yes. New businesses pay a $20 registration fee, and a $10 renewal fee every two years afterwards.
  • Does my Wisconsin LLC require a professional license?
    Some occupations—from appraisers to welders—require professional licensing. For a list of licensed professions, see the Professions List maintained by the Department of Safety and Professional Services.


  • What is the Wisconsin Annual Report?
    The Wisconsin Annual Report is a mandatory report that businesses submit each year to the WDFI in order to update ownership and contact information.
  • What is the filing fee for the annual report?
  • When is my Wisconsin LLC’s report due?
    Your due date is on the anniversary of the last day of the quarter your business was first formed. For example, if your business was formed in the first three months of 2017, your first annual report is due March 31, 2018.


Annual Report Due


March 31st
June 30th
September 30th
December 31st
  • How do I submit my Wisconsin Annual Report?
    Wisconsin Annual Reports can be submitted online or by mail. To submit by mail, download the Wisconsin Annual Report form from the WDFI and mail with a check for the filing fee.

    To file online, visit Wisconsin’s One Stop Business Portal and select “File My Annual Report.” You don’t need to have or create an account. To begin your report, enter the ID number you received in your report reminder notice from the state. If you didn’t receive or can’t find your ID number, you can search for your Wisconsin LLC by name.


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