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Credit Card Processing

We have the resources and influence to negotiate low-cost credit card processing solutions for your business.

Our credit card processing service includes:

  • A FREE in-house phone consultation
  • Custom low rates & a FREE quote
  • Interchange+ pricing
  • Expert guidance
  • All major card brands accepted
  • Multiple payment options
  • Ongoing customer support
  • Statement auditing available

Here’s how to get started: 

  • If you’re already a client, you can sign up for your free consultation using your secure client login.
  • If you’re a new client, select the “Free Credit Card Processing Consultation” option on the order form when you hire us to form your business or serve as your Wisconsin registered agent.

That’s it! We’ll reach out to you by email within a few business days to schedule your call.


How Our Card Processing Service Works

Our credit card processing service includes a free phone consultation, but that’s just the beginning.

Here’s how our service works from start to finish:

  1. We take our time to understand how your business works. Getting you a great deal starts with learning about how your business operates. During your phone consultation, we discuss your business type, sales information, and your business’s payment processing needs.
  2. We create your customized free quote. Once we’ve gathered relevant details about your business, we pair you with the right payment processor and put together a free quote and rates package. If the rates package doesn’t work for you, we can discuss other options. Otherwise, we move on to the application process.
  3. We help you complete your application. We walk you through completing and submitting the application to make sure it squares with the rates and terms we discussed.
  4. The processor’s underwriters will ask for more details. You’ll be contacted by the payment processor’s underwriters to go over financial specifics about your business. We have no business prying into this discussion, so we sit this one out. If your application is approved, you’re well on your way to accepting card payments! If not, you’ll likely get a counteroffer. We can discuss your options from there.

We work with multiple payment processors, so there’s never a need to settle for anything other than stellar low rates. And our service doesn’t end once we get you a great deal. Our ongoing customer support will always be available to our clients—and we can even monitor your monthly statements, by request, to help keep the processor honest.

How We Get Your Business a Great Deal

It’s simple: we want our clients to be able to accept credit card payments without getting nickel-and-dimed on payment processing.

When you sign up through us, we can keep your rates low for a few reasons:

  • We’re independent. Unlike sales agents tied to one processor, we work with several payment processors. That means we can tailor an exclusive rates package for your business and shop it around until we match you with the right processor.
  • This service doesn’t pay our bills. We’ve been doing quite well for a while now thanks to our Wisconsin registered agent, LLC formation, and incorporation services. That’s not to say we don’t make money from signing you up with a payment processor—we just have no need to jack up prices. In fact, we’re motivated to help you pocket as much of your earnings as possible.
  • We offer interchange-plus pricing. We know how important it is to keep a processor accountable. That’s why we offer an interchange-plus pricing plan to help you monitor your merchants statements and identify the fees your being charged. Aside from being the most transparent pricing model, it also tends to be the most cost-effective plan for business owners.

Ready to start taking card payments? Sign up today!


Credit Card Processing
Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is credit card processing?
Credit card processing is a service provided by payment processors that allows merchants to accept credit card payments at their business.

Why should I accept card payments?
Accepting card payments is pretty much a baseline expectation for your average customer. On top of that, customers expect a variety of payment options—each payment method you can’t accept is a lost sale. When you sign up with a payment processor through us, we can help you cover the full range of payment options your business needs, including credit cards, debit cards, EBT payments, eChecks, and more.

If I’m already a client, can I still get a free consultation?
Yup! Our existing clients can request a free credit card consultation through their online account.

Will Wisconsin Registered Agent LLC be my payment processor?
No. The payment processor is the company that actually does the processing when you accept credit cards at your business. Our role is different. We will help you determine the payment options your business needs, help negotiate your rates and the terms of your contract, and provide ongoing guidance and customer support after that.

Do I pay you or the payment processor?
You’ll pay the payment processor for their credit card processing services, not us. The processor handles our compensation, for setting up and managing your account, separately.

Why can’t I just go directly to the payment processor?
You can go directly to the payment processor. Plenty of people do. Just remember that you’ll still be dealing with a sales agent who has a bottom line in mind when setting the rates you’ll pay. That’s what makes us different: we’re not interested in fattening our wallets. We’re interested in helping your business thrive by keeping your rates low.

How do you determine my processing fees?
To determine your processing fees, we take into account your business type, sales volume, average ticket, and preferred payment methods. Based on that information, we put together a rates package that fits your business’s particular needs.

What is interchange-plus pricing?
Interchange-plus pricing is a pricing model that breaks down your processing costs in a way that makes it easier for you to identify why you’re paying the fees you pay. Considered the most transparent and cost-effective pricing model in the card payment industry, interchange-plus pricing is the pricing model we encourage our clients to choose.